We are Run Leeds!

Run Leeds is an exciting project, which aims to support the running needs of all joggers and runners alike.  We will be the only city-focused running website based in Yorkshire.


Running is the simplest form of recreation – all you need is a pair of trainers and basic sportswear. And, of course, a little motivation and some perspiration! Run Leeds advocate that provided people are given the necessary support and encouragement, then they can easily join others and give running a go; you may even form new friendships while improving yourself.  Anything is possible!


The principal objective of Run Leeds is getting you more involved and active within your local community. Whether you’re a running novice or an experienced marathon runner, we would like you to share in a new and enjoyable running experience – Run Leeds aims to offer you the support and advice that may be needed for you to become the runner you always wanted to be.   Regardless of your running or fitness ability, as you become more involved with running in Leeds, the project will share in your journey along the way.


Run Leeds also hopes to be a goal setter, giving you suggested targets each week, based on your individual ability.  Readers will always have something to strive towards – this may be to aim for a specified distance, desired time or simply to smile more when running!  We hope to be a more friendly approach to running, rather than the barking coach at the side lines.


A Run Leeds website will support this approach.  The website will be fun and dynamic for runners of all abilities, while offering access to news, advice and articles of local interest: where is your nearest free running event, what trainers to wear or maybe how to breath better? We will share stories of individuals from a range of backgrounds who, since starting to run, now consider themselves part of the Leeds running community – this could be you?  Run Leeds will offer resource links to route guides, weekly interviews, and details of running groups near you.


We acknowledge Leeds already has a large base of recreational runners – approximately 55,000 people took part in the sport during 2013-14.  Run Leeds seeks to support this growing trend.  Indeed, the project aims to galvanise the number of participants across the Leeds, with a particular focus on areas to the south of the city, such as Beeston, Belle Isle and Middleton. Why? Well, compared to other city areas, the south has a substantially lower participation rate and less organised groups.  Run Leeds aims to attract a greater number of participants by becoming the practical link between people at all stages of a walk-jog-running journey.


The Run Leeds website will therefore be an ideal platform for the city and the ever-increasing popularity of running.  Within the next few months you will hopefully read and hear more about the project.  As it develops the website will share news events, emerging run groups and links to helpful advice – we would like to be part of your running experience.  And really hope you will be part of Run Leeds.


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